gardiente Award

The winners and some impressions of the award ceremony 2019


The main highlight was the presentation of the “gardiente Outdoor Living Awards”. Around half of all exhibitors had entered their innovations from the fields of garden furniture, sun shades, BBQs, textiles and accessories for a chance to win this coveted accolade.

Aesthetics, design, innovation, functionality and sustainability were assessed. The jury of experts made a pre-selection of all entries, which were presented in the TrendArea during the gardiente.


Photo: © Simon Veith – nachhaltige Fotografie

This year KETTLER received the Gold Award for its modular outdoor lounge “NASSA”.

The jury especially praised the uniqueness and individual design of the new series. The individual elements can be used to create a wide variety of seating and lounge options. With appropriate connectors, which can be attached anywhere on the frame, the modules can be connected to form fixed units, but can also be redesigned again.


The Outdoor Living Award in Silver went to bioethanol lantern “SPIN” from höfats.

Spin enthuses with its first-class aesthetics, ingenious functionality and brings campfire atmosphere onto your balcony or terrace.

The Bronze Award was presented to the Ocean Chair “Cannes” from Scancom.

These were the nominees of 2019 with their innovations from the fields of garden furniture, parasols, BBQ, textiles and accessories:

Amazonas, Apple Bee, Cinas, Doppler/Knirps, Hartman , höfats , Kettler , Life Outdoor Living, MBM, ScanCom, Scolaro Parasol


Our expert jurors 2019


Meike Harde

Studio Meike Harde, Cologne

Born in south-west Germany and based in Cologne, designer Meike Harde established her studio in 2013. When she first set out, she received several newcomer awards and took part in a variety of exhibitions, for example, at the Holon Museum of Design in Tel Aviv. Since around 2015, she has placed several furniture and lighting designs with reputed companies such as Pulpo, Bolia, Freistil Rolf Benz and Fest Amsterdam. Stylistically, she pursues a light and sometimes richly detailed design vocabulary. The focus tends to fall on the natural properties of the chosen materials which then become an intrinsic element of each formal composition.

Patrick Ledoux

Chief Editor of Meubihome

The Belgian journalist Patrick Ledoux is working for almost 25 years as a chief editor for the Belgian b-to-b business magazine Meubihome. This magazine is the main Benelux title in the professional branch of furniture, living accessories and lighting.
Patrick Ledoux was born in Roeselare and lives near Brussels. In 2004 he founded Damn° Magazine, an international high end magazine on art, design and architecture, globally distributed in a fysical version and with a strong online presence.
Patrick likes the outdoor life and is actually training as a winemaker, aiming to make white and red wine from 2020 onwards on a vineyard near Brussels.

Marcus Hofbauer

Architect BDA, Mainz

Born in 1967, Marcus Hofbauer lives and works in Mainz am Rhein, Germany.
He completed his degree in architecture at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the Technical University of Darmstadt. In 1998, Marcus Hofbauer started out as a self-employed architect in Mainz, creating holistic architecture and interior design solutions, as well as space and design concepts with a focus on furniture design.
In 2002, Marcus Hofbauer became a member of the German association of architects BDA Landesverband Rheinland- Pfalz. In 2018, whilst still working as an architect, he established Mogunto GmbH, a design company specialising in timeless occasional furniture and accessories from Mainz. Since 2018, Marcus Hofbauer has also been a visiting lecturer on the interior design programme at the School of Design, University of Applied Sciences, in Mainz.

Helmut »Max« Merkel

Editor-in-chief MÖBELMARKT

The journalist Helmut “Max” Merkel has been specialising in the furniture sector since 1982. In 1988, he started working for the German furniture trade magazine MÖBELMARKT. From 1992 to 1999, he was co-owner of a PR agency for furniture manufacturers, buying groups and furniture retailers. He then returned to MÖBELMARKT as editor-in-chief (international). In 2008, he also assumed the role of CEO for CRP Consulting Ritthammer & Partners, a service and consulting company specialising in the international furniture sector.

Prof. Jan Armgardt

Jan Armgardt Design, Schondorf

Born in 1947, Jan Armgardt lives and works in Schondorf by Lake Ammersee. He looks back, among others, on an apprenticeship as a furniture maker, a degree in architecture and interior design and a traineeship with a furniture store. He founded his own furniture design studio and various small mail order companies for furniture. He has also held numerous exhibitions both in Germany and abroad as well as workshops at universities in Germany, the Philippines (2006) and Turkey (2007 | 2008 | 2010). Jan Armgardt has taught at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and the Staatliche Korbfachschule in Lichtenfels and is currently a professor at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. The designer has received more than 40 international awards for a diversity of products and has extensive experience as a jury member.

Bianca Schmidt

publisher of the special interest title InteriorFashion

Born in 1971, Bianca Schmidt studied Business Administration at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences. She more or less stumbled into journalism which soon proved to be her true vocation. After 15 years as an editor with the German trade magazine MÖBELMARKT, she decided to become self-employed at the beginning of 2016. She now publishes the special interest title InteriorFashion which focuses on high-end furnishings in the private and contract business sectors and primarily targets interior designers, furnishing contractors and high-end furniture stores involved in interior planning and design.