gardiente beacon

In 2017 gardiente presented “Beacons” of the Outdoor Living sector who could become trailplazer through innovative approaches.

Be it digital innovations, creative customer loyalty schemes or unique POS concepts – We were looking for retailers whose innovative ideas have contributed to securing the future of our high-street stores. With our selected “beacon projects”, we presented best practice examples, that focus on Multichannel, 360 degree marketing and individual customer loyalty measures.

We hope you enjoyed exploring and hope that you could find some inspiration for your own business.


Möbel Schott | Tauberbischofsheim

Surprisingly different

When the furniture company Schott invested ten years ago in the construction of a logistics center, the company decided to establish a department for outdoor living products at the new location. Since then, garden furniture, grills, sunshades and a variety of accessories from the mid to high genre have been offered on 1,700 m² of exhibition space. In keeping with the company’s slogan “surprisingly different”, Schott also wants to score points in the outdoor living area with a selected product range focused on the target group, but also with an ingenious marketing concept, which holds existing customers and wins new interested people for Möbel Schott.

Multichannel is present

Also worth mentioning: Möbel Schott complements the stationary trade through the online platform Outdoor fans will find a large selection of garden furniture as well as a comprehensive range of grills and smokers. In addition, on barbecue spices, sauces and marinades, vinegars and oils, beer and wine are also sold as well as other delicacies – just everything you need for a successful garden party.

HS Fachmarkt | | Genderkingen

New technologies increase customer satisfaction

The HS Fachmarkt Vertriebs-GmbH, also known as, operates a specialist retail for a wide range of outdoor living products in the Swabian town Genderkingen on 2,000 m². In addition to this, a 23,000 m² high-rack warehouse ensures a reliable and fast delivery of the over 8,000 items, which are constantly available. However, this range is not only distributed via the stationary trade, it is also offered through an online shop.


Focus on the target group works both stationary and online with a clearly defined marketing strategy. The company deliberately aims at consumers over 30 years of age with a moderate to higher net household income. In order to satisfy this group of buyers, the company consistently relies on consulting and customer care.


What makes these two companies being a “beacon” and a trailplazer for the industry could be discovered at the gardiente on our special area.

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, Thomas Dettloff, the owner of the agency “Werbe & Drumherum”, gave  an insight into the world of POS and ambient marketing, and presented a selected “lighthouse” project in this context.


The Jury of Experts

The retail certificate winners have been chosen by a jury of experts composed of company representatives, the specialist press and the chamber of trade and commerce.

Based on a majority vote, the jury decided which innovative retailers should receive the certificate and be showcased in an attractive location at gardiente.

Helmut “Max” Merkel

Editor-in-chief MÖBELMARKT

The journalist Helmut “Max” Merkel has been specialising in the furniture sector since 1982. In 1988, he started working for the German furniture trade magazine MÖBELMARKT. From 1992 to 1999, he was co-owner of a PR agency for furniture manufacturers, buying groups and furniture retailers. He then returned to MÖBELMARKT as editor-in-chief (international). In 2008, he also assumed the role of CEO for CRP Consulting Ritthammer & Partners, a service and consulting company specialising in the international furniture sector.

Markus Howest

Editor at markt in GRÜN

In his role as journalist and author, Münster-born Markus Howest has been examining the digital transformation of the retail trade over the past ten years. He has written analyses for “iBusiness”, the futurologists for interactive business and has been Editor-in-Chief for the specialist information provider “Versandhausberater” (mail order consultancy). In his new role as Editor of markt in GRÜN, the politics graduate is already familiar with the publishing house RM-Handelsmedien, having worked as an Editor for the tiling trade magazine “Fliesen und Platten” 20 years ago. During his career, he has also been employed as an Editor for publishing houses such as Hubert Burda Media in Munich, WEKA Verlag in Augsburg and Bauer Verlag in Hamburg.

Jan Kristan Hannes

Executive Managing Director of CDH Mitte (Wirtschaftsverband für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb e. V.)

In July 2014, Jan Kristan Hannes was appointed Executive Managing Director of CDH-Mitte, a regional association for commercial agents and distributors headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. As a trained lawyer, he specialises in commercial agent and distribution law. Since qualifying as a lawyer in 2004, Mr Hannes has been offering legal consultation to CDH member companies through his legal practice Kanzlei Schwab & Dr. Hannes in Koblenz. As a partner of Kanzlei Schwab & Dr. Hannes, he assumed the role of Managing Director of CDH Rheinland-Pfalz in 2008. Problems in the retail trade and structural changes in the market are also at the root of many legal problems, for which Mr Hannes offers consultation to CDH members.

Hanns-Peter Laux

Deputy Managing Director for Location Policy at IHK Frankfurt am Main (Chamber of Trade and Commerce)

Hanns-Peter Laux is a trained lawyer and holds a position as Deputy Managing Director of Location Policy at the IHK Frankfurt am Main (Chamber of Trade and Commerce). He is responsible for the retail trade and urban development as well as the IHK retail committee and formerly also the IHK sales agents’ committee. During his time with the IHK Frankfurt am Main, he has represented the industry’s interests within the context of regional legislation relating to regulations on corporate environmental protection in Hessia; he has been managing director of the “Wirtschaftsjunioren” association (association of junior entrepreneurs) and has headed the IHK office, serving the Main-Taunus region in Hofheim.