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During the gardiente, you will find not only the latest trends in outdoor living, but also exciting programme topics and new ideas for the daily running of your business. Take advantage of the attractive networking formats to chat in a relaxed atmosphere and to forge new and strengthen existing business contacts.

These were the formats at gardiente 2018:


Sunday, 1 July 2018 | 5 pm – 5.45 pm

Keynote: “Garden e-Commerce – Back to the Beginning.
What next? Insights into successful e-commerce strategies.”

Pierre Haarfeld, Founder & Managing Director of Digital Apartment GmbH

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Brief summary of the presentation

In 2017, the “platform economy” was a ubiquitous topic in the world of e-commerce. These days, companies have become heavily dependent on marketplaces and platforms such as Amazon, Otto, Facebook etc. Manufacturers, brands and retailers are clearly embracing the various options on the table. However, their implementation is struggling to gather pace. This has prompted digital expert Pierre Haarfeld to analyse – exclusively for the visitors to gardiente – Best Practice approaches in the realm of garden e-commerce. What kind of manufacturers and retailers can use the platform economy to their benefit? Who are the winners and who will lose out?

The presentation will provide a detailed insight into the world of e-commerce strategies in the garden industry and serve as a source of inspiration for participants at gardiente. Questions arising from the talk can be asked during the subsequent get-together at “gardiente night”.

Pierre Haarfeld, Founder and Managing Director of Digital Apartment GmbH

Pierre Haarfeld has been a partner in the leading digital network ETribes and Managing Director of Digital Apartment GmbH since 2014. Digital Apartment is a digital and innovation consultancy focusing on Home & Living. The business management graduate has been exploring digital business models for many years. Drawing on his wealth of industry experience, he supports companies in creating new business models. He also builds bridges between the old and new economies.

Monday, 2 July 2018 | 2.30 pm – 3 pm

“Online versus offline: How a planning program can transform the furniture retail trade”

Peter Ludwig, Managing Director PL Media GmbH and E.F. Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG

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Brief summary of the presentation:

Planning a patio with a mouse – an internet-based furnishing software offers new opportunities for furniture retailers.

Consumer buying behaviour has radically changed in recent years. Retailers and manufacturers who have no online presence stand to lose in the long term. While this is nothing new, bricks-and-mortar retailers are increasingly feeling the impact. In response, Peter Ludwig has seized the opportunities offered by digitalisation and developed a planning tool in cooperation with software company Iteria, providing furniture retailers with a whole range of new options. Online and offline, individual, innovative and intuitive.

In his presentation, he explains how it works, what makes it so special, how it can benefit companies and how the program can and is changing the market. Indeed, having recognised the opportunities offered by the extended shop counter, many manufacturers have already climbed aboard.

Peter Ludwig, Managing Director of PL Media GmbH and E.F. Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG

Peter Ludwig is a garden furniture retailer through and through. Now in its third generation, his business comprises two premium garden furniture stores in Hemmingen, near Hanover and Braak, near Hamburg. The Iteria software has enabled the business management graduate to add another string to his bow. Following a three-year development phase, his furnishing program has now been launched and Mr Ludwig has taken on the task of product distribution throughout Germany.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018 | 10.30 am – 11.15 am

Panel discussion with design experts and students from the Universities of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and Mainz



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